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Anti-imperialism today must understand the strategies of today’s ruling class: Greeting to the International Peace Conference in Rome

The Freie Linke Zukunft stands for socialism. We stand against the class war of the rulers, whether it be waged in the name of corona, climate, or war.
The organized workers’ movement world over has struggled, not only to fight some of these most recent offensives of the ruling class, but even to properly recognize them as such. Our goal is to overcome this. Simultaneously, we agitate with a socialist perspective from within the diffuse movement which has arisen in Germany against our bourgeoisie’s politics of crisis, waged primarily under these three banners.

We support the anti-fascist struggle which sprung from the Donbass as well as the liberation struggle of the Palestinians, and of all oppressed and exploited peoples of this world. That is why we participate in the International Peace Conference in Rome.

NATO remains the greatest enemy of freedom, justice and peace in the whole world. We believe that true, lasting peace will only be possible within the framework of worldwide socialism; we consider the struggle for socialism to be inseparable from the struggle against NATO.

While we believe we must make the best possible use of the current geopolitical fault lines for our cause, we also caution against placing our hopes solely in competing BRICS countries, or in blindly following reformist illusions with partly reactionary underpinnings, such as multipolarism, which induce passivity in the masses.

Nevertheless, we are pleased to note that the very idea of a world free from Western domination encourages an anti-imperialist trend, already particularly pronounced in Africa, that did not seem so possible before.

But the participation of most BRICS countries in the WHO-orchestrated Covid crime against humanity, and their adherence to the anti-worker UN Agenda 2030, are reason enough for us to be cautious. These illustrate that in the end, the rulers ally with each other against the oppressed.

That is why we need to develop worldwide democratic – and indeed – revolutionary efforts from below, in order to patiently move, step by step, closer to socialism.

For this reason, we are pleased to be in your midst. For this conference is itself an expression of genuine international efforts from below. The exploited and oppressed peoples of the world must come together, strengthen each other, and act as one.

The proletariat – whether peasant, employee, worker, or soldier – is that power which makes all these wars possible – and thus can end them as well! Our proletarian unipolarity will be the basis of true peace once we constitute ourselves as an independent world wide power:

Workers of all countries, unite!

Freie Linke Zukunft

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